Pre-registration now open for 2D Digital Art Workshop 2014 – closed

I am proud to announce that Concept Cookie’s first workshop is now available for pre-registration!

This workshop will cover rethinking the process of how to even go about working through pieces and developing the visual eye. This will be an in-depth, 5 week workshop that will allow 25 students to register and participate. This is a first come, first serve basis. So if you are certainly interested, register before all the seats are taken as I will not accept more than 25 so that I can give each student the attention and time they deserve.

The official starting date for this workshop is September 21st and will last until October 25th. Each week we will have a new focus with given tutorials, livestreams, assignments, and reviews. I will personally work with each artist to develop their skill level, wherever it may be at.

Thanks for checking out this pre-registration and we hope to see you in class!

Description of the workshop:

In this concept cookie workshop we focus on strengthening your fundamentals and getting you familiar and confident with working in digital art. I will take an aggressive look with you on addressing how you “see” form and subject matters as well as working to actively develop a “visual eye”. At the end of this workshop you should take away a different perspective on the actual process of creating your pieces and be comfortable in being able to say, ” I Can Draw Anything!”

This workshop will include weekly assignments, livestreams, quizzes and personal grading to give the time and attention each student deserves to further develop their understanding of the material and skill set.

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