Mentorship Workshop Summer 2015: I Can Draw Anything COMING SOON!

“An Affordable Alternative to Art School”

Instructor: Tim Von Rueden    and   Moderator: Joe Chico


July 5th – August 7th + 2 weeks for final grading and review

In this third run of our popular 2D Digital Art Workshop with CG Cookie we are going to be opening our registration soon! In this summer workshop we focus on strengthening your fundamentals and getting you familiar and confident with working in digital art. I will take an aggressive look with you on addressing how you “see” form and subject matters as well as working to actively develop a “visual eye”. At the end of this workshop you should take away a different perspective on the actual process of creating your pieces and be comfortable in being able to say, “I Can Draw Anything!”

This workshop will include weekly assignments, livestreams, and personal paintovers to give the time and attention each student deserves to further develop their understanding of the material and skill set. Doing the last two workshop results from the past two have been great and it really gives me an insight on how to teach with each artist at whatever skill level they are currently at. You can see previous examples of the growth from week 1 to week 5 HERE.

Some info on who I am: My name is Tim Von Rueden and I am currently the site manager and concept artist for Concept Cookie. I enjoy working with artists on a one on one level because i believe it takes that focus for someone to learn faster and with a more clear path in mind for them to follow. For some of my work and examples you can check them out HERE as well as check out most of the tutorials and exercises done on this site. I have been teaching for 4 years and have learned what methods work to help best progress your skill level to that next step and how to overcome “art hurdles”.



Question: What level of skill is best for this workshop?
A. I will cater to each student’s skill level on an individual basis. It’s not helpful shoving advance techniques at someone who considers themselves a beginner. So I will take a look at you as an individual and what level we believe you are at, and what it would take to get to that next level!

Question: How much time will I need to dedicate to this workshop?
A. I want you to take this workshop if you are willing to focus and give it a good amount of dedicated time spent to this. Minimum of around 5 hours a week to do the homework, come to the livestream, and watch each week’s private tutorials. This will hopefully give you a better idea of what to expect for each week in June.

Question: How much will this cost?
A. This workshop will be the same price as the winter workshop, which was at $500. So take this workshop if you’re serious about furthering your skill level in a short amount of time with a dedicated instructor here to help you along the way!