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    Joe Chico

    Hey everyone,

    I’m curious to hear who everyone’s top 3 artists that inspire them are. This question is for who you currently look up to and study from.

    I’m a big fan of Akihiko Yoshida, everything this guy produces is just magical to me. I love his armor designs, his poses, his poster art-work, his cute creatures… I really want to harness his ability to pose and design characters as well as him.

    Another artist I look up to a lot of Tyson Murphy. This guy works for Blizzard, and his portraits and renders are always so much fun. I’m a big fan of the chizzled look to jawlines, and old-wrinkly wizard guys are my favorite to draw. His usage of color/ light / form are always so well portrayed. And most people know him for taking the Disney stills and rendering them out.

    And lastly, James Ghio, I had the chance to meet him this year at Animinneapolis which was completely random. I’m a big fan of his usage of brush stroke, along with figure drawing ability, everything is so dynamic with him. He works for Udon, and Im trying to break down his process for rendering at the moment. We are also big fans of comics and video games so it was nice to get to chat about video games, movies, and comics we are into.

    So who do you follow, and study from?



    Really hard question. An easy answer would be to name just three great artists I came across randomly but where’s the sense in that.

    I will try to go down to three and try to add some great artists and why I think following them is the right choice.

    First of the three: Feng Zhu! FZ and his school (and all his students) have my utter respect. I see many great concepts from them and they are my guiding light to always try harder. If there are people out there that good, I want to stand there and drive it at least one notch higher. His videos on youtube have helped me a great deal understanding that art should not be done with half effort. I can slack of but why should I?

    Second: I go for Paperblue! He is the lord of the background and a person I respect in his realm. For my background always was an important part of the picture. It is like the seasoning on the dish called art. In my oppinion far to much artists concentrate on the foreground object to much and forget that a good dish is only perfect when every part works together. At least my opinion. In this art of preparing a dish he is one if not the best artist I know for seasoning/backgrounds.

    Third: That is hard…like really hard…so many names, so many great artworks. I take Chris Niosi. He and his webseries TOME : Terrain of Magical Expertise may not be the best animation and mayby not the biggest hit selling but he is still making progress, improving, working with dedication on it with his staff. And sometimes he talks about his experience and thoughts on some topics. I think without him I would have never thought about animation and it’s hardships as much as I am doing now. I get inspired by him not for how good he does it but for his effort and fight through with original content.

    I will add artists to the post as time goes by. No sense flooding you with artists.^^



    Hello Everyone!

    Well for me a lot of different artists inspire me but there are some core artists I follow on the daily.

    Sachin Teng, is someone that everytime she puts out a new piece my art brain becomes intrigued and inspired. She has a way of making these interesting illustrative pieces while mixing in some design elements that imo doesn’t take away from the overall piece in general.

    Kevin Tong, makes the perfect mix of digital and traditional in a way that makes so much sense and works. He mostly makes band gig poster art but lately has been making a lot of movie poster artwork. He also has a youtube channel where he posts his process videos. Do yourself a favor and watch his watchmen process video. its pretty inspiring.

    Last but not least is James Jean, I’m a huge fan of the line work and brush work and colors he uses. He is pretty much the only reason I check facebook now days haha. Pretty much all his traditional work is amazing.

    B o n u s recommendations!



    Yeaaa! Top 3 artists! I love these things because I can find out other artists. Since I don’t know as much as I would want to, these types of discussions are always a great resource. Alright here goes!

    Oh man, so many artists to choose from.

    First off, I’m a huge fan of Eiichiro Oda. Yes, One Piece fan over here. I’m guilty. I love his imagination and the evolution of his colour spreads just inspires me to work on my perspective no matter what skill level I’m currently in. I love seeing organized chaos, if that makes sense. There’s so much going on but I don’t feel overwhelmed by it at all. Definitely has something to do with composition. Or maybe that’s just me thinking things cause I’m blinded by fan bias.

    Second, hmmm I’m pretty sure a lot of people know about him already. Kim Jung Gi. So there’s a bit of a pattern. I tend to like well done perspective compositions with scenery and environment so I admire artists like Kim Jung Gi and Eiichiro Oda. Just how much he’s drawn in his life inspires me to just draw more. I’m trying to break down objects by drawing them, rotating them in a box and drawing again. It’s really hard for me and I get frustrated a lot.

    Third artist…let’s see. I have to think about this. I’m glad someone already put Feng Zhu. I’m gonna try to think of another person. Ughhh. I will go with Benjamin Zhang Bin. His use of color is amazing. I would like to be that dynamic with my colours one day. I haven’t been practicing coloured compositions or pieces at the moment, but I plan to eventually. I’m trying to construct my fundamentals and my delineated pieces.

    There’s a lot more I love but this will do for now. I can’t wait to see the other artists people choose! (I might edit to add sentences cause I was in a rush to write this post before my break ended at work)



    I agree with Day, this thread has introduced me to some amazing new artist. >w<

    The first artist I’d like to pick is Cyril Rolando. I like him for his use of colors and concepts. He always comes up with something creative and imaginative.

    The second artist is Wang Ling. I like him for his style. To put it into words, I’d say it’s a mix of refinement and messiness, while upholding still a look of elegance.

    My final artist is Wenqing Yan. I like her for her concepts and the meanings behind her artwork. She also likes to raises awareness for different issues.

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    I think my first pick would be Drew Struzan. I love his movie posters

    Second would be Frank Cho – Liberty Meadows. His line work is awesome.

    Third would be Humberto Ramos. His characters have a fun quality about them.

    I’m looking forward to checking out the other picks in this thread.



    for me it would be

    Sam Nielson for his awesome usage of light an color. He also has some small tutorials on his blog and teaches at schoolism.

    Aaron Blaise for his great work with texture. His animals look like they could jump out of the picture any moment. He worked for Dinsey and I think you see it positvely in his pictures for they have a really great expression

    And Therese Larson Her animals are just amazing. I follow here since a few years and I wish I could have evolved as quickly as she did.

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