Week 6 Livestream

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    The final livestream is today! If you have any questions you’d like me answer during the stream, please post them here so I can think on them beforehand. See you all at 5pm EDT.



    This may be off topic for this week, but I’m curious how you did the detail for your character’s eyes, particularly the iris.



    offtopic aswell, but I made the mistake to apply the solidify modifier before I was converting it for the multires model and detailing. I noticed when I tried to rig the model quickly with the rigify addon for posing. but it wasn’t possible to change any position without the backside poking trough. Is there an easy way to ‘unsolidify’ ? I also noticed, that my final render (which seems to be not final at all 🙂 ) was done when I had the simplify settings for render on only 2 subdivisions. so my computer is going to have another busy night 🙂



    I must go off topic too. I was sculpting the lips of the face. Aside from me doing the face over again again to get the face right. Which after I the redo something like ears three times and making mistakes with the sculpting tools to mess up the work that I did. I was wondering how you do the mouth and the lips?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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