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    Hello everyone!

    Same drill as last week: Please reply below if you have any questions that would serve well to be answered for everyone’s benefit during the livestream. Of course you can always ask during, but since it’s been a week maybe there are questions you’ve had in the interim. Please post them here so I can think through a response preemptively 🙂

    Also, if you want to submit mid-week WIP homework for critiquing during the livestream, please submit here by the end of the day today (Monday). Oh and it would help my organization if you used this modified naming convention: BWS01_midW2_firstnameLastname_sculptureName_vXX.blend




    This might be a bit of loaded question, so apologizes for that.
    I’m no stranger for using different software during my it-admin career, some work better than other. So now year in with only blender and bit of ue4 editor since i am interested in getting into game development. so how do you handle yourself working with different software’s and their different settings and overcome the problem i faced that compared to blender ue4 editor navigations seems like so last decade. until which i learned that maya/3dsmax has similar kind of way of having to press ctrl/shift mouse button combos for rotating etc. which to me after using blender for solid year now i find it very unintuitive.
    anyways, i think the short question is, how do you deal with different softwares ui:s? 🙂



    I’m not sure where else to put this, but the link on this week’s overview page for Human Arm takes you to a file page for Setting up a Render Farm.



    @coconutmonkey: Yikes, that’s not right. Just updated – Thanks for the heads up!



    Do you follow follow any strict proportion rules/guidelines like making a character 7 1/2 heads tall or do you prefer to sculpt more freely?



    Hey Kent,
    can you give any tips on how to sculpt female bodies?

    My problem is that your videos (and, even more so, the additional anatomy tutorials) are about scultping a character who really has been to the gym a lot.
    I guess that your blocked out muscles will become a little smoother during further refinement, but your final character that you showed in the livestream is still very muscular.
    That’s fine of course, it looks awesome, but I’m sculpting a non-bodybuilding, average female and I’m having problems applying your workflow (looking at the muscles in the reference pictures and zygotebody and copying those muscles) to my sculpt.
    I know that even on average bodies muscles (and fat) are what gives them their form, but when I look at the female reference picutures (or any other reference, like a mirror) the muscles just aren’t directly visible so I’m back to just copying what I see… That sort of works, but your muscle-copying workflow sounds much more sophisticated, so I kind of feel that there’s some better workflow that I’m missing…

    Sorry for the weird question!

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