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    Hey guys!
    In the livestream earlier some of us was sharing personal sites and suggest a thread in the home room for everybody to do so (if they want to that is), so here it is 🙂

    Here is my current one:

    Also, would anyone like a Skype or DA channel (or other tools, please vote 🙂 )to catch up sometimes?



    Here’s my DA –
    And here’s my Tumblr –

    It’d be fun to be able to keep up with each other! I don’t have many art friends that I can dump on about art probs, photoshop, and my favorite tutorials. My friends just look at me and have no idea what I’m talking about. lol

    I like DA, but I don’t know much about Skype. So whatever you all like.

    Also, here’s my Pinterest
    I have several art boards that I pin awesome art I find. If you have one, you could post your pinterest here too.



    Hey guys! Here is where to find me…


    If you want to follow me on DA you can. I haven’t posted anything yet, but I plan on moving stuff there pretty soon.

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    I’m mostly on Instagram at the moment, but I recently started a Deviantart and I have a Behance (that I’m very bad at updating)



    Here are my links:

    I think it could be cool to make a skype group where we could share feedback and stuff 🙂



    So far I only have tumblr. I plan on making an instagram, behance, and deviantart account once school ends for the year, and I will be able to update regularly. I’ll post any of that information on my tumblr though.

    I’m totally down for Skyping and feedback after this is over. It would be fun to start our own online art crit group.



    Thanks everybody for sharing your sites :)!!

    It seems most people who are interested in critique group after the workshop are ok with A Skype group channel, so as a start here is my Skype id: ntnga89. When you add me leave a note that you are from the workshop. When there are more than one people add me I’ll start a group channel 😉 (if no one has started one that is)
    (@Maria: do you need any help with Skype or you just prefer to not use Skype?)



    I’m fine with skype! I will just have to make an account. My brother has it and it seems really nice. I’m downloading it now. ;3



    Hi Everyone. I would love to be part of a Skype group. There is also google hangouts, which is really nice if you don’t know everyones name, because it shows it when they talk. Would anyone like to try sometime tomorrow?



    I just found that I can invite anybody into the room with this link ICDA workshop chatroom

    please try it out (and let me know if it works since I’ve never done it before 😛 )

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    @Alyssa : see link in my post above ;), and I’m all for google hangout if we can find an good time 🙂



    Here are all my things I don’t have a lot on any of them but I hope to change that!
    personal website

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