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    A big part of this workshop format is close-knit communication, which is fostered by the small group size. So lets started on the right foot with a friendly introduction! I’ll go first.

    Hello! My name is Kent Trammell and I’m your instructor for the next 6 weeks. I’ve been working in computer graphics for about 12 years. I absolutely love crafting characters. Aside from CG, I’m a husband and father with a heavy lean toward hobbies like luthiery, renovation, playing music, and a random raspberry-pi-infused gameboy project.

    Now your turn to introduce yourselves so we’re not strangers anymore.

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    Hello! I’m Louis from Oakland, California and I currently work as an IT guy at a local casino. My education is odd classes at junior colleges and a year of AAU (Illustration). Last year I started learning Blender through a Udemy course and a little bit of CGCookie. Here are my last two projects:

    Besides CG, I love learning how to make other things: story writing, music theory, and scripting. It’s crazy but I want to work on all aspects of a tactical-RPG I’m starting.



    Hi all, my name’s Aljoscha and I’m working as a software developer for a swiss bank. I try to be bit more creative in my leisure time – thats how I ended up here. I started cgcookie about 3 years ago with the pierro course and went from there to digital painting and game programming with unity. I got my hands dirty with a little puzzle game for iOs but hope to be able to build something a bit more thrilling in the future with the skills I learn here.
    cgcookie profile
    cheers Aljoscha




    My name is Julián and I’m a systems engineer from Argentina. I’ve been in the industry for about 5 years (non game related) but I always wanted to learn game development. So I’ve started learning 3D modeling/sculpting a while back at some local institutes and I’ve delved into UE4 on my spare time and I’m here hoping to learn a lot more about character sculpting, which is something that I’m not quite good at.

    Here’s a link to my pinterest page with the few thing that I’ve made:




    Hello fellow blendheads,

    I’m Glen. I have been using blender for about 4 years and I am currently working in a small animation studio here in Glasgow. I would consider myself a generalist right now but I’m looking to start becoming more of a specialist in modelling. When I am not working on a project I am either sleeping or procrastinating.

    If anyone wants to see my work here is a link to my artstation page.




    Hello, my name is Stirling and I’m based out of Los Angeles California. I am a information security consultant by day and when I’m not battling cyber criminals I enjoy the creativity outlet that Blender offers. Attendance in this course is part of a self-commitment I made to grow my sculpting / modeling skills.

    I’m crazy about popular cinema, a die hard foodie, and run the local LA Blender users group. It’s great to see such an international crowd and I’m looking forward to the workshop and meeting you all.

    – Stirling



    Thank you all for introducing yourselves! And sharing your work – It seems we’ve got a talented group.

    It’s always so intriguing to see people from different walks of life who share a passion for 3D and character modeling. I’m looking very forward to getting to know each of you more through our individual conversations and the livestream group dynamic. It’ll be a lot of fun!



    Hey guys,
    My name is Parks and I’m a high school teacher and IT specialist in Huntsville, Alabama. I am married to an awesome wife and have two small boys. So it’ll be some late night work for me. I’m kind of a jack of all trades at the school. I’ve taught graphic design, trained students and teachers on Apple’s software, engineering design with AutoDesk Inventor, hardware maintenance, large scale device deployment, and I started a 3D modeling class this year using CG Cookie. I’ve been using Blender now for about 3 years, and this past year I fell in love with the digital sculpting. I’m hoping this class really helps me to bring my sculpts to the next level.




    @parksgettys: Welcome Parks! I’m always a little self conscious teaching a teacher lol 😀

    I hear you about doing late night work when having a family. I’m coming to terms with that reality as well: If I’m going to do projects it has to be either super early in the morning or late at night. In fact I’m trying to train my body to need less sleep ha!



    Hello i’m Michael Giggs. I’m a film maker I’ve made short films with some colleges of mine in Michigan. I been using blender for on and off for about 6 years. I learned about blenderguru and cgcookie. in this span of time. Here are couple of shorts I directed. A Science fiction short I did in 2012.
    And A thriller short I did in the same year.
    I am here to learn how to sculpt realistic characters. So I can incorporate that to knowledge and skills to my Science Fiction Animated short I have been working on and off on for the last four years. Recently I have been dedicating as much time as possible to it. For couple of months. Here Here is a render of the first scene of the project. Its a working progress.




    @mgiggs – Hey, that’s really cool to see your live-action films! I like a lot of the framing in those shots. Thanks for sharing!

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