Q: How do I access my workshop once I’ve confirmed payment?

A: The workshop will be available on the given pre-order date. Under “Your Workshops” menu in the main navigation. You will also receive a notification email once the workshop has started.

Q: How many students does each class allow?

A: This is different for each workshop, though classroom sizes are kept small to ensure the instructor is able to give ample time to each student.

Q: I’m already a CGCookie member do I have to register again?

A: Yes. Currently you do have to register a new account to create a user on this workshop site.

Q: Will each workshop be the same length in weeks?

A: No, Each workshop we cater to the content and allow the number of weeks that correspond best to it!

Q: What if I can’t attend every week of the workshop?

A: You can go through at your own pace, but you may miss out on a livestream or a personal critique of your work. All workshop material will be available to you even after the workshop is over so you can always download the content or re-watch a tutorial from one of the weeks. You will keep access to the workshop for 2 weeks after its completion date.

Q: Will you guys release a DVD or induct this into Citizen membership down the road?

A: No. We want this to be a live personal session that only those that participate can view the content and be a part of the experience.

Q: How do I pay for the workshop?

A: You are able to pay with a credit card or through paypal.

Q: Is the workshop timezone specific?

A: No. The only items that are time specific on the workshops are the Livestream sessions which stream at different times for each workshop. Be sure to check out the workshop schedule to know when the live streams will be scheduled.