Blender Workshop: Building Character – Realism




$499/seat. Only 15 seats available.

Start Date: November 2nd, 2015

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About this workshop

This is the first run of character modeling workshop that I intend to be part of a “Building Character” series: Realism, Stylized, and Creature. The focus here this time is Realism. Thus the workshop delves deep into the art of character creation, inspired by the great character work from Blur Studios, Digic Pictures, and artists like Baldasseroni and Grassetti.

This workshop will include weekly assignments, livestreams, and 1-on-1 feedback to facilitate a personal and intentional online learning experience. Students are expected to have at least a fundamental knowledge of Blender’s interface and modeling tools. The advanced-level curriculum will result in a high-quality, realistic character model by the end of the six-week schedule.

Some info about who I am: My name is Kent Trammell and I’m a full-time Blender instructor and studio artist for CG Cookie. I draw on my experience in the commercial and film industry to teach professional skills. You can see some of my work here or at my personal website.


What level of skill is best for this workshop? Due to the complexity of 3D creation, it’s very difficult to teach beginners and advanced users with the same curriculum. Therefore, students will benefit most from this workshop if they come into it with at least an intermediate knowledge of 3D modeling with Blender.

How much time will I need to dedicate to this workshop? The schedule is six weeks. It’s best for students that are willing/able to devote significant time each week for homework, watching video content, and participating in livestreams.


This is a higher level of education with emphasis on workflow and artistry, not tools. Therefore the student will get the most out of the workshop if they’ve watched the courses listed below and are well-versed in Blender’s tools.

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